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Packing & Seals, Inc.   2602 Transportation Ave.  Unit K,  National City,  CA 91950
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Equipment Surveys
Packing & Seals, Inc. assists clients in conducting a survey of all fluid-handling equipment in the plant, either in a consulting role or by providing trained personnel to conduct the survey.

Inventory Surveys
Before recommending changes, Packing & Seals, Inc. will evaluate the existing fluid sealing inventory.

Packing & Seals, Inc. will work with Management, Production and Maintenance employees to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, needs and desires. This produces and effective collective effort to achieve the goals of the Inventory Control, Mechanical Seal Repair and Standardization programs. Without this critical component, the effectiveness of these programs is greatly limited.

Based on the Equipment and Inventory Surveys, Packing & Seals, Inc. will recommend and assist in implementing a standardization program.

In-House Seminars
Some of the most popular seminars offered by Packing & Seals, Inc. are:

•Introduction to Mechanical Seals
•Introduction to Hydraulics
•Installation and Troubleshooting: Mechanical Seals
•Installation and Troubleshooting: Hydraulics
•Inventory Standardization: Why and How?

Packing & Seals, Inc. provides many services and training programs to fit the needs and desires of the client. Please contact us regarding any services or training programs not listed here.
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